Other International Services


The economy of the advanced country is matured, and still with increased business opportunities. On the other hand, many advanced countries are concluding economic partnership agreements (EPA) which promotes trade and interchange each other. In the world, the economic interchange expands more and more, and does not shrink the economic scale. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) are required for international business.
Universal Law and Patent Bureau have aligned with attorneys of a hundred and several tens of counties who work at not only Europe, United States of America, Asia, but also Eurasian continent, South America, Central America, Oceania, Middle East and Africa, have practiced legal field and Intellectual property field.
Different countries have different practices. In the intellectual property law field, for examples, harmonization of law is the process of creating common standards across the internal market by Intellectual Property treaties, but not all not harmonized with localization and needs an appropriate cooperation by local attorney in another country. We could advise a fresh improvement plan in addition at any time.

ヨーロッパ業務Europe Related Services

The laws and regulations of Europe (EU) and its member countries are gaining importance against the backdrop of internationalization of the economy. In particular, Germany is different from Japan in legislation in many fields, and terminology, or what meaning each technical term used has, is critical in legal documents and contract negotiations, which require extreme care to be taken in negotiation for a contract. Germany further demands unique considerations in terms of settlement of disputes as the country adopts the system by which the losing party pays all lawyer fees.
In our branch office in Munich in Germany, which city is in the center of Europe (EU), we have staff who know the real situations of both Japan and Germany very well and are well-versed in German, English and Japanese, and accordingly we provide accurate advice for the clients, collaborating with top-class law firms across Europe as necessary, broadly in the fields where (1) Japanese companies invest in Europe and deal with the local authorities, (2) Japanese and European companies work on M&A between them, (3) Companies protect their intellectual property rights, and (4) Companies cope with export and import regulations.
In addition, for European companies who want to enter the Japanese market, our pragmatic advice based on the Japanese unique practice will give a smooth foothold in their coming into Japan.

台湾、シンガポールTaiwan / Singapore Related Services

The “Japan-Taiwan Private Investment Arrangement” concluded between Japan and Taiwan and the “Cross-Straits Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement” concluded between Taiwan and Mainland China have secured a means for Japanese companies to enjoy investment protection including national treatment in Taiwan, and besides that, the movement toward collaboration and mutual investment between Japanese and Taiwanese companies is vitalized with a view to the huge Chinese market.
Singapore sits in the center of the Asia-Pacific Region and keeps growing as “the hub of Asia.” She is now a very competitive country in the world with a mix of low tax rates, active promotion of free trade agreements and other open policies, stable politics, legislation, financing and social infrastructure including information and telecommunications. As Singapore plays a role of a financial center as well as a dispute resolution place in the Asian Region, the country is becoming more and more important for Japanese companies who want to expand businesses across Asia.
Our firm provides quick and accurate legal services in close collaboration with local firms in Asian countries and areas, broadly in fields of (1) direct investments, (2) business tie-ups, (3) joint ventures, (4) cross boarder M&A, (5) labor problems, and (6) intellectual property rights protection.

韓国業務South Korea Related Services

Because the legal culture and business practice of South Korea are very different from those of Japan although the South Korean laws were much influenced by the Japanese laws, it may be necessary to obtain cooperation from a law firm in South Korea to perform tasks quickly and correctly.
In close collaboration with a reliable law firm in South Korea, we actively provide a wide range of services including (1) assisting Japanese companies in starting a local company and a joint venture, (2) supplying advice on trading and different intellectual property transactions between Japan and South Korea, and (3) reviewing contracts.
To Japanese companies who try to make their way into South Korea, we provide legal services which will lead to a practical solution based on the real situation of South Korea and the characteristics of the South Korean laws. In addition, for South Korean companies who want to enter the Japanese market, our pragmatic advice based on the Japanese unique practice will afford a foothold so that they can come into Japan smoothly.

北米・中南米North America / Central & South America Related Services

As the TPP negotiations have largely reached an agreement, a huge economic zone accounting for 40% of the world’s GDP is emerging and raising expectations as a new engine for the whole world economy.
The North America Region has been one of the most important areas for Japanese companies who operate overseas, very probably maintaining that importance firmly in the future. Meanwhile, the Central and South America, as a procurement source of foods and resources and a huge market, is attracting attention of a lot of Japanese companies. In recent years, the countries in the Central and South America have been growing economically and stabilizing their open-market policy, political situation and public security, in the context of which Japanese companies are expected to drive their way into the Region and expand their operations there in the future.
With our widely established network with local law firms in the North America and the Central & South America, our firm supports Japanese businesses broadly in a flexible manner in the countries of the Region, providing legal services which will lead to a pragmatic solution based on the real situation and characteristics of each country.

ロシア・中央アジアRussia / Central Asia Related Services

Russia has the world’s largest land area and is one of the countries richest in natural resources. As Russia became an official member of WTO in 2012, the market opening is increasing investment opportunities for foreign companies including Japanese, and Japanese companies are expected to invest more there.
The Central Asian countries located in the center of the Eurasian economic zone are taking the shine back as an oasis in the modern version of the Silk Road. In addition to Russia, China, etc., the Netherlands, the U.S.A., Austria, South Korea, India, Turkey and European countries are making an active entry, and the Japanese Government is making a stronger approach to this region.
Our firm has been not only collecting information on Russia and the Central Asian countries in a vigorous way but also making efforts to build up friendly relationship with local government offices and law firms there. Our firm provides accurate and timely services to Japanese companies who want to make their way into these countries.