Services for Corporations


We offer practical and useful consulting service on legal aspects of strategic business management, based on our most updated legal knowledge and rich experience, taking into account trends in the economy and relevant business sectors. Our expertise covers a wide range of legal issues which may arise from business activities of our clients, including M&A, business revitalization and bankruptcy procedures, accounting and tax, corporate legal affairs, labor management, intellectual property, and business laws applicable to international commercial transaction.
We also offer one-stop, comprehensive expert service to respond to our clients’ needs in a wide variety of legal matters such as preparing legal documents including contracts for day-to-day transactions, patent and trademark applications, registrations in official registers, notifications and registrations at public offices, as well as company, corporate and business start-up procedures.

M&A・事業再編M&A, Business Restructuring

With economic globalization, more strategic corporate business operations, the declining birthrate and aging population of our society, activities concerning M&A and business revitalization are further increasing in recent years.
We respond to our clients’ needs, project objectives, and their circumstances, and choose the best revitalization approach. We provide a wide variety of expert services such as: planning, contract negotiations, legal due diligence of the company in question, planning a defense against hostile takeover, advice concerning labor-related legislation, advice on tax issues, preparing contracts and other legal documents, and conflict resolution regarding corporate buyouts.
We work on projects not only in Japan but also abroad. We offer the best services for our clients in close cooperation with our overseas partners, with regard to corporate buyouts and restructuring in various countries and areas, especially in Europe and China.

事業再生・倒産Business Revitalization & Bankruptcy

In dealing with business revitalization or bankruptcy, it is vital to examine a broad range of available means and act quickly so as to maintain corporate value and business value of the company in question.
We offer high quality services with regard to revitalization and bankruptcy procedures of failing businesses. Our services cover a wide range of legal procedures for business the revitalization and liquidation, ranging from legal reorganization procedures such as the civil rehabilitation procedures or the corporate reorganization procedures, to legal liquidation procedures such as bankruptcy and special liquidation, as well as civil rehabilitation procedures including those expedited by the Private SME Revitalization Support Councils or Special Conciliation Proceedings. In doing so, we fully utilize our expertise and knowledge, also paying attention to such questions as the necessity of maintaining the company’s relations with its trading partners and keeping up morale of its employees.

一般企業法務General Corporate Legal Affairs

General Corporate Legal Affairs refers to a field of our work providing legal advice on a wide range of day-to-day legal affairs that face corporate managers.
We provide practical and useful consulting on legal aspects of strategic business management, based on our most updated legal knowledge and rich experience, taking economic trends into account. We also offer comprehensive expert service to respond to the clients’ needs in a wide variety of legal matters such as preparing contracts for day-to-day transactions, commercial registrations in official registers, notifications and registrations at public offices, as well as company, corporate and business start-up procedures.

労務・雇用関連Labor Management and Employment

With respect to the labor law, appropriate and flexible legal advice is essential in dealing with wide-ranging problems that may arise between management and labor, the nature of which varies according to social and economic circumstances.
We offer a broad range of services, mainly from management’s viewpoint, such as counseling on labor legislation, preparing and revising rule of employment and office rules, termination of labor contract, including workforce reduction and dismissal, and legal counseling concerning industrial accidents and industrial safety and hygiene.
Globalization has encouraged many foreign companies to operate in Japan and it is essential to deepen understanding between these companies on the labor legislation of Japan. We are active in providing support for subsidiaries and branches of foreign companies as well as Japanese companies with respect to employment and labor issues. As for labor disputes, we stand by our clients in negotiations, labor dispute adjudications, and lawsuits, and strive to resolve disputes.

会計・税務Accounting and Tax

Accounting, tax, and legal affairs are inseparable elements in corporate management. Internationalization and sophistication of business activities has greatly increased the importance of close coordination between these three. We support our clients’ accounting and tax operations by offering a variety of services for corporate management, including preparation of accounting slips and their settlement, preparation of general ledger and statement of accounts, payroll calculation, social insurance operations, and corporate and consumption taxes declaration. Our service on tax issues further covers wide-ranging areas and includes advice on corporate tax, income tax, consumption tax, and various property taxes, as well as tax procedures concerning corporate reorganization, and transfer pricing tax system. We represent the taxpayer’s side in tax litigation conducted according to administrative litigation procedure.

国際商取引International Commercial Transaction

Economic globalization has made it no longer possible to conduct business in one country alone. Transactions with companies and individuals in various countries routinely take place. Concluding contracts with companies and individuals in a foreign country requires attention to many practices different from domestic ones, as according to the type of the contract.
We support our clients in their day-to-day international transactions in a variety of ways based on our experience accumulated by years of international legal work in many fields. If by any chance our client is involved in an international dispute, we will protect the client’s interests seamlessly throughout the legal procedures such as negotiations for settlement, lawsuit and arbitration.

ベンチャー支援Support for Venture Business

Newly established venture businesses may face many legal problems with regard to, for example, business regulations, financing, intercorporate transactions, and intellectual properties management. They often find it difficult to allocate their resource to the management unit and its staff necessary for adequately addressing the problems.
We strongly support venture businesses by providing services such as surveys on regulations on new businesses, and assistance for establishing ventures, financing, negotiations with investors, IPO (Initial Public Offering), and other operations. In so doing, we pay constant attention to the necessity of strategic protection of intellectual properties, a driving force for the growth of venture businesses, and legal protection of business models.

各種訴訟・紛争解決Litigation and Conflict Resolution

Litigation is a legal means for enforcing rights through court proceedings. We provide services for amicable settlement, litigation, conciliation, arbitration, ADR, compulsory execution, etc. to resolve complicated conflicts that inevitably arise in the course of clients’ business activities. Resolution of such conflicts often requires knowledge and expertise. We provide best services for litigation, in particular, in financial cases, intellectual property cases, cases concerning system development, and cases concerning transactions by trading houses, by ensuring close coordination among experts and lawyers specialized in each field.